offers intensive care and supports natural skin function. 

The oil preparation with proven substances* is absorded quickly by the skin of the ear canal and
unfolds its effects there, free from preservatives and cortisone.
Normally nature ensures a balanced climate in the ear canals
that counteracts dryness or inflammations of the sensitive skin of the ear canal.
Incorrect cleaning of the ear canal - for example when showering or bathing,
swimming or diving- can however 

cause a disturbance of the good climate.
Hearing aids or ear moulds closing off the ear canal and
thus inhibiting its ventilation can disturb the natural healthy state.

Even the interference to the sensitive skin when  inserting or removing these devices might cause skin irritations.
A possible effect: itchiness, flaking and dryness of the ear canals and even painful inflammations.

Auridrop is a care oil developed

Auridrop, ear care

particulary for use in the ear canals. 
Regular daily care with auridrop effectivel

y prevents skin irritations in this sensitive area and
contributes to the prevention of irritations caused by cracked, dry and stressed skin of the ear canal.

*Simmondsia chinesis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Trocopherol, Retinyl Palmitate.
Auridrop must be used only if the eardrum is intact.